By students, for students
With the support of Ghent University


Is it your ambition to become a medical student with a worldly vision, or are you fascinated by health care all across the globe? Then we’ve got your holiday all figured out! Hosting the 10th edition of our Summer School ‘Health & Migration’ in the vibrant City of Ghent, a medieval town in Belgium, we hope to welcome you from 5 until 16 July 2020.

Within these 12 days, we offer you a wide range of interesting and contemporary topics such as global problems in migration, human rights, health inequ(al)ities, NGOs and many more. This is a great opportunity to discover and learn more about these exciting subjects, all in a mesmerizing setting!


  • further close collaboration and encourage the intercultural discussion and exchange of information with respect to others beliefs and grounds
  • promotion of an insufficiently covered but highly relevant subject within our present society
  • emphasizing the relation between migration and health by clarifying the influence of both migration on health and vice versa
  • emphasizing the internationally recognized Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • training in multidisciplinary consideration of health

Lectures will be given in English by renowned teachers of Ghent University as well as prominent professors of international institutions. Their area of expertise will be covered in interactive lectures and educational activities.

The full educational program of 2020 will be online upcoming spring, but make sure to follow our social media accounts for lecture and speaker announcements in the upcoming months.


Our Summer School does not only offer you a fine selection of courses, the organizing team also wants to ensure that the participants make the most of their time in Ghent. Therefore, we provide a wide range of social activities in the evening. The mix of nationalities of our participants guarantees an interesting multicultural setting, resulting in long-lasting friendships.

We will make sure that you can discover every aspect of our wonderful city of! You can enjoy the mesmerizing green of our parks and have your breath taken away by our monumental cathedrals, churches and medieval dungeons. Discuss the day’s lectures to the tunes of local musicians and invigorate body and soul with our peerless variety of beer and excellent Belgian cuisine. On Sunday, we visit the medieval city of Bruges. Education and pleasure have rarely – if ever – marched this closely in step!

The full social program of 2020 will be online upcoming spring.


  • The program targets undergraduate or graduate medical students from the 6 inhabited continents, looking to broaden their knowledge and mindset on the subject of ‘Health & Migration’ in an international context.
  • This program is not meant to be a continuing educational program to specialize into this field, it’s more a chance to discuss and learn more about an insufficiently covered but highly relevant subject within our present society.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language is required.


Ghent University does not award credits to the participants of the Summer School. However, your own university might do so. Consult with your own institution for more information on this matter. Also, you get a ‘certificate of completion’, which proves you fully attended the Summer School. This certificate is signed by the rector of Ghent University, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and the president of the Summer School. It might help you obtain credits from your university.