‘Migration and health’ are two wide-ranging concepts that are intertwined in many ways. During the lectures we will focus on people, organisms and objects that can cross borders and thus affect health. Furthermore, structures of health care and the influence of such movements will be elucidated.

This encompasses the migration of people, either forced or by choice, with topics as: health in refugee camps, legal status of displaced people, pathology, migration and mental health, the brain drain and brain gain, medical tourism and many more. Along with people, micro-organisms cross borders, which can caus pandemics or even be used as biological weaponry. All these topics pose serious challenges to the human health. Furthermore we will discuss the transport of organs, pharmaceuticals and other consumer goods on the global trading market that affect health. Through lectures and interactive workshops we will look at possible solutions on how to deal with the challenges posed by migration. In addition, we will address the underlying social, economic, cultural, structural and environmental determinants of migration and health. Specifically war and conflict will be discussed, as well as the challenges posed by climate change. In discussing the determinants of migration, special attention will be given to the health of vulnerable groups such as women and children. The different topics will be grouped in thematic days. We try our best to make every session as interactive as possible.


Our Summer School does not only offer you a fine selection of courses, the organizing team also wants to ensure that the participants make the most of their time in Ghent. Therefore, we provide a wide range of social activities in the evening. We will make sure that you can discover every aspect of our wonderful city! On Sunday, we visit the medieval city of Bruges. The full social program of 2020 will be online upcoming spring