The Summer School ‘Health & Migration’ has come to its 8th edition. Our goal is to introduce medical students to the reciprocal concepts of Health & Migration in an international context. To reach this goal, we aim to attract students from different backgrounds and nationalities as much as possible. Thus, we aim to stimulate a culturally diverse, interesting debate and broaden the view on the different subjects. The Summer School ‘Health & Migration’ is open only to health science and medical students.

  • “I am currently studying the degree of medicine, however, I feel that in an ever more globalized society, little attention is payed to the fact that our patients come from many different places, and this will alter the likelihood of suffering from different diseases. Practicing medicine in a multicultural environment is our new challenge, yet it is also a situation which offers great opportunities. This is the reason that took me to Ghent, where I received training from international experts.
    The University of Ghent offers a very interesting course on ‘Health & Migration’ which no other university can rival. Additionally, it counts with an incredible social program which makes learning even more enjoyable.
    I found the content of the program very enriching and learnt a lot. Plus, I had great fun and made lots of friends!”Paula, Spain
  • “To me, Summer School in Ghent was a fully enriching experience: the classes were challenging and nuanced, the other students were lovely, the organizers were genuine and extremely competent, and the social program was interesting and fun – all in a dazzling setting! “Julia, Canada